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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook November 7, 2009

Outside my window... the late afternoon sun simply glowing on the leaves and grass and across my desk.

I am thinking... about dinner, and how I should get up and make it soon.

I am thankful for... my new part-time seasonal job.

I am wearing... grey skirt, blue top, slipper-socks.

I am remembering... my neighbors and how we will miss them when they leave (later today).

I am going... to have a busy week.

I am reading... nothing until I get to the library on Monday.

I am hoping... that a special intention which I cannot mention will be answered and everything will be all right for a certain someone.

On my mind... Fort Hood and Obama-care.

From the learning room... Explorers, and the Letter J.

Noticing that... my desk is a mess, and so is our office (I share it with DoorMan).

Pondering these words... "If I had my way, I'd shuffle off to Buffalo, sit by the lake and watch the world go by."

From the kitchen... chicken chowder cooked by the Holy Name men.

Around the house... I need to clean.

One of my favorite things... last.fm

From my picture journal...

The Holy Name men (and woman) and the cauldron of chowder. Rumor has it, the cauldron was a fuel cell from a jet fighter in a past life.

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