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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Updated BlogRoll

If you scroll down the right sidebar on this blog you will find my blogroll, titled (unimaginatively) "Interesting Blogs." I hadn't paid this blogroll any attention in, say, a year at least. I just went through and deleted all of the blogs which no longer exist. If a blog is not updated, but still "up," I kept it. If a blog changed names, but kept the same url, well, too bad, I kept the name it had on the day I originally blogrolled it.

I got away from blogrolling when I first got into Google Reader. But then, too many feeds to read every day. Now I only sub to feeds in Reader that I really, really want to see every day, and put the rest of the great blogs in my blogroll.

So, enjoy.

Oh, want to be in my blogroll? Just ask!

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