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Monday, October 13, 2008


I was sitting up the other night brainstorming ideas for making extra money, and trying to prioritize them.

I have been selling things, mostly books, online for nine years. At various times in the past I have put quite a lot of effort into it, and made some money. I need to revisit where I am with all of that and get a move on using my time wisely.

So, here is my list of online moneymaking priorities:

  1. Sell and swap books: I have at least 200 books to get scanned, described, priced and listed. I have about 25 done. There is much work to be done here, but since the stuff is already on hand, there is no real cost outlay involved unless I list on ebay. I used to sell only on ebay. I am over that now, and cross-list my books on up to five selling venues. I also list low-value books for trade on seven different swap sites. I can then use my swap points for books we need for homeschooling, or books with a decent resale value to get and sell.
  2. Sell hand-rolled beeswax Advent candles: Last fall I made my own hand-rolled beeswax Advent candles. I still have some sheets of beeswax, so I just need to spend an evening cutting and rolling them. I will probably put them on ebay and etsy (a new venue for me). Again, I have all of the supplies on hand except shipping boxes. I need to check out USPS Priority Mail boxes to see if there is a good size, or decide if I want to order boxes for shipping (I really don't want to do this unless I have to). I have plenty of bubble wrap and peanuts in the basement. But I need to move fast on this one, and get these done, photographed, priced and listed in the next week. I also have some natural beeswax sheets and if the Advent candles sell I may make up some sets of natural tapers, too, afterwards.
  3. Sell hand-crocheted wrist warmers: Last winter I crocheted myself a pair of wrist warmers from a pattern I found online. I love them. My hands always got cold in the house because we keep the heat at 68 during the day to save money. I think these will be a good seller, and I can get them posted after the Advent candles, before Christmas, and hopefully I will sell them all winter. Again, probably mainly etsy and possibly ebay. I don't think I have enough yarn on hand, so I will have to purchase some.
  4. Photography and Graphic Design: As I stated in my last post, I have been playing around lately with Cafe Press. I really need to take some kind of community college graphic design class to understand how to make quality products. I am pretty happy with my photographs of nature, and maybe I will sell something.
  5. Virtues Guide: I have had it in mind to write a virtures curriculum for some time. I don't know if I will get to this during the current school year, so this is on the back burner. I would self-publish this on lulu.
  6. Mystery Novel: I am writing a murder mystery novel in the style of the Golden Age detective novels. Will I ever finish it? Hard to tell. Sometimes I think "yes" and other time I have no idea how I will do it. I have pages upon pages written out longhand in notebooks, and I have typed exactly one and one-half pages of it into the computer. If I ever do finish it I will self-publish it on lulu.
With times being lean and the economy being what it is, I am going to apply myself to get some of the things above done. Want to see my stuff for sale or trade? Check out my "Me Elsewhere" badge on the right sidebar at the top of this blog.

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