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Sunday, January 06, 2008

O, Planetary Convergence of Wonder?

In today's homily, Father ---- said that the Star of Bethlehem was no more than what astronomers believe now to be a convergence of two planets in the heavens.

Excuse me? And these planets lit up the whole sky, and moved and settled over a stable?

Why do people feel so compelled to attempt to ruin the wonder and awe of miracles with weak explanations of their "natural causes?"

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Theresa said...

My thoughts exactly. There is a place for science and facts and there is a place for miracles. Why couldn't the God of all the Universe who created ALL of the Celestial beings create something beautiful, marvelous and unexplicable by "modern" science to announce His birth!? Thanks for all your great home management binder posts. I have one but need to update and start really using it. I'd like to talk about it on my blog soon and link to you if that is all right?

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